MAS Pistons


  • Mohite And Shaw Pistons (India) Pvt. Ltd. (MAS Pistons) was established in 1999 at Kolhapur, Maharashtra as a specialized manufacturing arm of the NIDS Group making aluminium alloy pistons ranging from 50mm to 300 mm which are used in Diesel engines, oil engines, compressors, passenger cars, heavy and light commercial vehicles etc. Our plant is equipped with the latest technology and is completely self reliant having everything from the foundry all the way to the inspection and an in-house Hard Anodizing plant for Thermal Crack Protection. We are a complete end to end manufacturing solution, mastered in reverse engineering.

    Our expertise into engineering & manufacturing capability has not only helped us in creating a niche in the piston market but also developing Cast Iron Components and Cylinder Heads.

    MAS Pistons has supplied pistons to renowned companies in India like Kirloskar Oil Engines, Metalex Group, Laxmi Oil Engines and also exported to European countries.

  • Manufacturing :


    Premium raw material of aluminium alloy LM13 grade is used. The raw material is tested on spectrometer.


    The foundry is the starting point for Pistons. An Electric melting furnace is used to heat the aluminium alloy along with chemicals to operating temperature. The process allows the die to readily accept the material when it is poured, so as to get perfect microstructure and composition of castings.

  • Die

    The dies used are made of cast iron. Gravity die casting method is used for removing casting.

    Riser Parting-

    Once the casting is made, the riser is parted from the piston on the riser parting machine.

    Heat treatment-

    All pistons castings are subject to Solution Treatment and Precipitation. Forced Air Circulation furnaces with sophisticated programmable temperature controllers are employed for Heat treatment.

  • Inspection of Physical Properties-

    All heat-treated casting batches are inspected for hardness requirements. Castings not complying with the specified hardness requirements are sent for heat treatment again. Periodically as per inspection plan the castings are inspected for physical properties i.e. tensile and elongation.

    Machine Shop-

    All pistons manufactured are machined on dedicated CNC & special Purpose Machines, which deliver high accuracy, consistency and repeatability. Close tolerances are maintained throughout via Automatic machining and Statistical Process Control.

    Machining includes open bore, straight turning, drilling, semi-finished bore, oil hole drilling, grooving, groove drilling, top dish machining, cam turning, fine boring, circlip grooving, burnishing and deburring. Pistons are subject to In-Process inspection as per Quality plan and Necessary corrective and preventive actions taken on the basis of the findings.

    Inspection of Physical Properties
  • Surface Coatings

    The piston are thoroughly cleaned and degreased on fully automated washing machine using water-soluble solvents. The components are oven dried and each batch of pistons checked for proper cleaning.

    Surface Coatings-

    Surface coatings are a special process. These processes are established through process validation. Special process parameters are strictly adhered. Surface coatings include:

    • Tin Plating
    • Graphite Coating
    • Hard Anodizing
  • Inspection-

    The company has dedicated room equipped with measuring equipments to measure almost all parameters of pistons with greater degree of accuracy. Pistons are checked for cracks, dimensions, hardness, tensile, etc. All pistons are subject to 100% visual inspection and dimensional inspection of critical parameters. The Company employs Surface Roughness Tester Machine, Micro Checking machine, Tensile Testing Machine, Hardness tester, Air Electronic Gauging, Micrometers, Bore Gauges and Computerized Piston Profile Testing Machine with read-out systems capable of measuring to an accuracy of 0.0002mm (Least Count).